Advent calendar for dogs

Beastly good anticipation for Christmas
An advent calendar has become as much a part of the Christmas season as biscuits, a stroll through the Christmas market and mulled wine. But don't our four-legged friends often miss out? Not with our exclusive Christmas calendar for dogs, because it is full with 24 varied surprises and is guaranteed to make the Advent season extra tasty. As a special surprise, the 25th door also contains a small gift for you, so that you and your dog can enjoy the most tranquil time of the year together.

A new surprise every day
Of course we don't want to reveal exactly what is hidden behind the 24 doors of our Advent calendar for your dog, because then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. But this much is for sure: your four-legged friend can look forward to a lot of dried chewing articles, high-quality wet food, cold-pressed oils and great toys.

High quality content for a tranquil time
Like all our products, the delicacies from our dog advent calendar come from our own production in Perleberg (Brandenburg). There we produce high quality food for your four-legged darling under strictest rules and regular controls. We place the highest value on quality, freshness and animal welfare and this is exactly what our dog advent calendar reflects: the products are free of artificial additives and preservatives and are produced in a particularly gentle way.

A joy that's shared is a joy made double
You have several dogs at home? No problem, most of the surprises from our dog advent calendar can be easily shared, so you can make several good boys or girls happy. Each calendar also comes with an information sheet with the ingredients of the individual products, so that allergy sufferers can feast safely. So the Advent season is guaranteed to be a highlight for you and your dogs.

Strictly limited edition
With the dog advent calendar from Frostfutter Perleberg you can put yourself and your dog in the Christmas mood and give him or her a little joy a day for 24 days. So your darling is guaranteed not to be left behind even in the hectic Christmas season and the advent becomes fun for the whole family.

Quickly ensure to get a calendar for your dog or simply gift it to your favourite dog friends - happy four-legged friends are guaranteed in any case. Please note: the calendar is only available in strictly limited quantities.

25 surprises that make your dog‘s eyes shine
2 x oils as supplements
4 x wet food
1 x gourmet menu
11 x delicious chews
6 x toys
1 x calendar

  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Bundle

25 great surprises make the Christmas season an unforgettable (tasty) experience for you and your dog.

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25 doors

£ 86.50*


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