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BAF to GO®

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BAF to GO: You have been waiting for these products for such a long time! Because our BAF to GO-assortment offers an extra-advantage for all that love to be on the road or for those who want to forgo a deep freezer at home. All items are produced from the same high-class raw materials like our BARF-frozen food (Rumen, Chicken-Beef-Mix, Beef Muscle Meat etc.) and are made long-time durable through a gentle special-cooking method and an advanced packaging. Both the production process and the packaging method have been optimized that the products are durable up to 2 years without cooling.

Jump start for BARF-initiation

In future you want to feed your beloved dog healthy, by feeding him with the BARF-method? more...

New B.A.R.F Calculator

It makes it easy to calculate the daily food requirement of your pet! more...

100% Made in Germany

All our animals for slaughter come from farms in Germany with a healhy open range keeping. more...