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BAF to GO - Christmas Package

Gently cooked – 100% natural
Christmas is the feast of love and as the way to the heart is through the stomach, we have created a tasty gift for your four-legged darling with this varied 10 kg BAF to GO®-Christmas Package. The package contains 15 different sorts of our gently cooked BAF to GO®, which is ideal for on the road, but also for daily feeding.

Free of artificial additives
All our BAF to GO® products contain 100% natural ingredients, are gently cooked and made durable without any additives. Packed in a recyclable aluminium compound foil, the cooked meat is durable up to two years without any cooling and thus the ideal alternative to raw meat feeding – especially during the Christmas holidays, where the freezer is often filled up with roast goose and other delicacies for humans.

Free gifts for you
Since we also want to give you a little present for Christmas, you will get a K&K Petfood feeding bowl and our Photo Calendar 2020 with every BAF to GO-Christmas Package.

1 x 500 g Mouth Meat (minced and cooked)
1 x 500 g Chicken Beef Mix (minced and cooked)
1 x 500 g Beef Muscle Meat (minced and cooked)
1 x 500 g Power-Mix (minced and cooked)
2 x 500 g Lamb Menu (minced and cooked )
1 x 500 g Horse Menu (minced and cooked)
2 x 500 g Chicken with rice (minced and cooked)
2 x 500 g Beef-Mix (Goulash)
1 x 500 g Beef-Mix with Rumen
2 x 500 g Fish-Chicken-Mix (minced)
2 x 500 g Fish-Beef-Mix (minced)
1 x 500 g Beef Heart (minced)
1 x 500 g Rumen-Udder-Mix
1 x 500 g Omasum/Leaf Tripe
1 x 500 g Lamb-Rumen

Attention: For orders with the destination country Hungary or Spain the offer price increases. If you order further items with the Christmas Package, additional shipping costs may apply.

15 different sorts of gently cooked meat for the special Christmas treat.

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10 kg BAF to GO, incl. shipping and packaging

£ 48.00* £ 74.90*

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