Green Rumen/Green Tripe

Green rumen/green tripe of beef
Rumen/tripe is one of the four stomachs of the cow, which is offered as green rumen, if uncleaned and as white rumen, if cleaned. Green rumen is completely untreated and also has a fresh greenish colour, even when frozen. It has a much higher nutritional value than white rumen, as there are many healthy bacteria in the walls of the green rumen.

Nourishing & especially tasty
Green beef rumen contains valuable nutrients such as proteins, fibres and minerals. Besides calcium and potassium, one of the most important minerals that are included in the rumen is magnesium. Also green rumen/green tripe contains valuable pre-digested plant fibres that help to cleanse your dog's gastrointestinal tract and create a real chewing pleasure. Green beef rumen thus can naturally support the metabolism and bone regeneration of your dog and can have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and the immune system.

Quality Made in Germany
Green beef rumen is freshly processed in our own slaughterhouse in Perleberg/Germany. It is packaged and shipped to you deep-frozen, in a polystyrene box with dry ice. Beef rumen is coarsely minced and should be served at room temperature (after thawing). Rumen/tripe and omasum/leaf tripe belong to a species-appropriate and balanced BARF-feeding and should therefore be regularly fed.

100% beef rumen

Please note: The K&K Petfood GmbH receives its raw materials – and thus also the green rumen/green tripe from its own slaughterhouse in Perleberg/Germany. The cattle slaughtered here predominantly originate from pasture grazing. Grazing at the meadows the animals may pick up different objects, for instance stones, metal, glass, plastic etc., which may in further process get into the cow's stomachs.

Green rumen/green tripe is an all-natural product, which isn´t washed, but coarsely shaken out. So all important nutrients and vitamins plus plant fibres remain. So green rumen/green tripe is particularly nutritious and tasty. Despite of strict quality controls and enormous care it may occur that not all foreign objects in the green rumen/green tripe can be completely excised. Therefore we recommend to check up this product before feeding it – because the health of your pet is our main aim!

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It contains all essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bacteria and is therefore suitable for the changeover to raw meat feeding ...

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