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Autumn will be tasty for your four-leggend friend
Autumn is here and it not only brings lots of colour, but also a full BARF package and an autumnal BARF menu for your four-legged friend. Colourful and extremely tasty!

Our BARF Autumn Package contains 24 kg of different BARF variations of beef and poultry as well as a great toy surprise. Included are our bestsellers Green Rumen, Chicken Carcass and Beef Neck Meat as well as our exclusive Autumn Mix with seasonal vegetables and fruits.

2 x 1 kg Autumn-Mix
1 x 1 kg Potato power-mix
2 x 1 kg Chicken with rice
2 x 1 kg Chicken Carcass
2 x 1 kg Chicken beef mix
3 x 1 kg Green Rumen/Green Tripe
2 x 1 kg Beef-Mix (Goulash)
1 x 1 kg Power-Mix
1 x 800 g Beef Muscle Meat (minced)
1 x 1 kg Beef Neck Meat minced (as grown)
2 x 1 kg Rumen-Udder-Mix
1 x 500 g Breast Bone - Calcium Mix
1 x 1 kg Beef-Mix with Rumen (Beef-Mix)
1 x 1 kg Innards mix
1 x 1 kg Duck neck (minced) or Turkey muscle meat
1 x 900 g Bovine Blood
1 x 1 kg Omasum/Leaf Tripe
1x toy duck

  • Refrigerated Item: Yes
  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Complete package

Autumn can come, because with this bulgingly filled 24 kg BARF-Package your four-legged friend is optimally supplied with food.

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24 kg of frozen food, incl. shipping and packaging

£ 93.90*


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