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Long running package

Tasty long-runners for your dog: rumen/tripe and omasum/leaf tripe
Green rumen/green tripe and omasum/leaf tripe have always been part of our long-running favourites. The stomachs are a tasty treat for dogs and have a high nutrient content. Due to their tough consistency, they encourage chewing and thereby care for your dog's teeth. At the same time, they naturally support the intestinal flora thanks to pre-digested plant residues, which they contain, and provide healthy bacteria and important plant fibres.

Both individually and in our BARF-mixes, our green rumen/green tripe and our omasum/leaf tripe, which originate from German free-range cattle, are extremely popular. For this reason, our Long Running Package contains a wide variety of these products, such as the Rumen-Udder-Mix or the Potato-Power-Mix.

Calcium-rich long-runners from chicken for healthy bones
Besides beef variations,also some of our chicken products are among our long-running favorites. Above all, minced chicken carcass and the Chicken-Beef-Mix are absolute favourites in the bowl of our customer dogs. Due to a high proportion of bones, these two BARF-products contain a large amount of essential calcium and should therefore be fed regularly.

Our long-runniers for your dog, compiled in one package
Our Long Running Package contains 25 kg of our most popular BARF-variations from beef and chicken and therefore lives up to its name 100 %. The meat exclusively originates from animals from Germany and is freshly processed and packed in our in-house production and sent to your home free of charge.

Due to the great variety, the BARF-products contained in this package provide your four-legged friend with many essential nutrients in the form of high-quality animal proteins as well as various vitamins and minerals. Our long-runners are not only particularly tasty, but also extremely healthy.

5 x 1 kg Chicken beef mix
2 x 1 kg Rumen-Udder-Mix
5 x 1 kg Omasum/Leaf Tripe
5 x 1 kg Green Rumen/Green Tripe
5 x 1 kg Chicken Carcass
3 x 1 kg Potato power-mix

Please note: Please note that additional shipping costs may arise,if you order additional items with this BARF-package.

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  • Taxation: Reduced rate
  • Product Type: Complete package

In this postage-free package you will find our six BARF-long-runners from beef and chicken at a special price.

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25 kg, incl. shipping and packaging

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