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Dear dog owners,

in future you want to feed your beloved dog commensurate and healthy, by feeding him with the BARF-method?
Still don´t knowing exactly how? Then we have some tips for you:

Tip 1: adjustment of food
The adjustment from the commercial food to the BARF-method mostly is uncomplicated, if you just increase the BARF-ration continuously.
For two weeks steady add a little bit more raw meat every day over the food you´ve used before, replacing the whole meal by and by.

Tip 2: number and size of the meals
In general a full-grown dog gets 2% of its weight as a daily ration, divided within two meals. A puppy whereas has more nutrition requirements:
Depending on race, activity and age every puppy obtains between 4 and 10 % of its body weight.

Tip 3: composition and preparation of daily ration
One daily ration should consist of 80% meat and 20% crop products. While fruits and seasonal vegetables must be cooked before feeding, the meat is served raw.

Tip 4: division of the weekly meat-ration
A commensurate BARF-nutrition makes provisions for feeding different flesh.
The weekly meat-ration should be portioned as following: 50% muscle flesh, 20% paunch or omasum, 15% innards and 15% beefy bones.

Tip 5: nutritional supplements
If you don´t want to feed bones, you should use mineral supplements while feeding your dog with the BARF-nutrition, so your little fosterling is provided with all the calcium he needs.
The BARF-Perle-MineralVit-Powder is perfectly qualified for that. Likewise you should overfill essentially fatty acids by a daily basis, for instance the BARF-PERLE Oil1 or the BARF-Perle Oil2.

Tip 6: the BARF-Calculator
You can find the BARF-Calculator on the webside. You can put in the indiviually informations that pertain to your dog (height, age, activity, etc.) and will achieve an advice of how to partition the several nourishments. But as with any other statistic, caution is exercised! Every dog is an individual being and will exploit the nourishment differently.
The basic rule is to feel the ribs of your dog in an indicated way by caress him, but you should not be able to see them!

Feeding your dog with the BARF-method might assume a little more work than feeding your dog with commercial food, but your dog will thank you for it every day.
A BARF-nutrition is a healty and species-appropriate nourishment, that will provide your little fosterling with all the things he´s in need of.

I wish you much success by testing the BARF-method and for furhter questions I am gladly at your disposal!

Your Dr. Christiane Klemt

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In future you want to feed your beloved dog healthy, by feeding him with the BARF-method? more...

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