Fix-BARF® – the perfect method to BARF your cats

Fix-BARF is a new and ground-breaking concept to raw-feed the cats. With this feeding method, you can feed your precious pet in a 100% natural and healthy way.

Your cat gets not only fresh meat but also all the necessary supplements - i.e. vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are insufficient or not present at all in meat alone.

Thus, Fix-BARF offers the perfect combination of meat and food supplements in order to provide optimum care to your pet. Your cat’s health is extremely important for us. Advantages of raw feeding at a glance

  • Natural nutrition 
  • Knowledge about the ingredients of the BARF-meals 
  • Healthy stomach and intestinal environment and hence a strong immune system
  • Maximum care with nutrients for a healthy metabolism 
  • Less excess weight gain, healthier skin 
  • Prevention of allergies and chronic illnesses 
  • Healthy digestion and lesser strain for the metabolism 
  • Natural defence against parasites due to healthy immune system 
  • Sufficient supply of water and hence prevention of kidney and stone diseases 
  • Healthy feline set of teeth

Fix BARFing with Fix-BARF®-menus

We have created various Fix-BARF menus in collaboration with the veterinary practitioner Petra von Quillfeldt. They already include all supplements, which your cat needs for a balanced and appropriate nutrition e.g. blood for the supply of iron, liver for the vitamin A, eggshells for the calcium or seaweed meal for the iodine-requirement of your cat.

Being a pure carnivorous (carnivore) your pet depends on a high-protein diet. That is why carbohydrates like cereals, potatoes and rice is not included in our Fix-BARF menus. Sugar, flavouring-substances, colorants and chemical additives are also not included.

Carefully prepared as per the special recipes, all the Fix-BARF menus are suitable as complete feed and can be safely fed for long term. However it is recommended to feed two to three different complete menus in alteration within the framework of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

Benefits for you: Instead of laboriously measuring and buying each supplement and also preparing various raw meat meals yourself, you get a completely ready meal of excellent quality with Fix-BARF - all ready to be BARFed!

More variety for Fix-BARF®

Currently, you will find only a limited number of options for high-quality complete menus on our online-shop like for example, our Fix-BARF menus poultry or beef with chicken.

In the future, our range in these product divisions shall gradually expand:
Along with a variety of complete menus, special menus for old and chronically ill cats is also offered - e.g. for pets with renal insufficiency, food allergies, stone diseases or hyperthyroidism with chronic gastrointestinal diseases or pancreatic illnesses.

Clever BARFing – with Fix-BARF!

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