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Bovine Blood

Bovine blood is rich in minerals and trace minerals. Especially the high iron percentage is to be mentioned here. Iron is a component of the Hämoglob, of the red blood pigment, which transports the oxygen in the body and is in the Myoglobin responsible for the oxygen supply in the muscle fibers. As in the slaughter process a bleed dry is required, therefore the muscle meat only contains less rest blood so an additional input is recommended.

After opening, refrigerate 3 to 4 days durable.

Feeding advice:
The feeding method „BARF“ is a biologically appropriate way of raw feeding. This means that the natural prey-eating behaviour of the wolf as the modern dog's ancestor is imitated here. And what is more obvious than to add a portion of blood to your fosterling's food? Blood is a great source of protein because of its high amount of essential amino acids. Also it is rich in minerals and trace elements, especially in iron. Iron is included both in the blood pigment haemoglobin and in the myoglobin in the muscle. This substance on the other hand is accountable for the oxygen supply. Also the sodium supply is ensured by the administration of blood. According to a published study of the university of Rostock in 92% of the tested BARF rations there was too litlle iron and in 79,5 % too little sodium (Prof. Wolf, Uni Rostock, WDT 02/16).

We recommend for dogs up to 15 kg a weekly administration of 100 till 150 ml, for dogs up to 30 kg 200 till 300ml and for animals with more than 30 kg 300 till 900 ml, depending on their size. You can administer the total volume to your pet as a meal substitute once per week or add it as a partial amount to the daily BARF meals.

For cats blood should be 5 % of their calculated BARF-ration. Ice cube - freezer bags suit fine for portioning.

After being thawed partially the blood can be portioned appropriately and can be refrozen. So it will keep proteins and vitamins best. The once completely thawed blood will be durable 2 till 3 days in the refrigerator.

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Bovine blood is rich in minerals and trace minerals. Especially the high iron percentage is to be mentioned here. Iron is a component ...

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