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The perfect Christmas meal for your dog
Christmas includes not only time with family and friends, but also gifts and feasts. In order that your dog can really feast this year, too, we have created a menu for him based on the Christmas roast, with lots of fresh poultry, red cabbage, carrots, potatoes and apples.

Tasty, healthy and festive
Poultry meat is particularly tender and contains important nutrients that your dog needs to get through the cold season. The added vegetables have a high content of vitamins and secondary plant substances that can have a positive effect on your dogs digestion. The apple provides a sweet note and also many important nutrients. The potatoes, in turn, are a very well tolerated source of carbohydrates, which provides your dog with extra energy.

Your four-legged friend will certainly be delighted with this Christmas menu!

60 % poultry meat
10 % offal from poultry
10 % poultry bones
3 % red cabbage
6 % carrots
6 % potatoes
5 % apple

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  • Product Type: Single article

The perfect Christmas meal for your dog: poultry with red cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

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380g can

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